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Tip of the Week: Think beyond the blog

May 25, 2013


Welcome to the eighth in a series of tips to help bloggers build communities, find an audience and get the most out of working with brands.*

“Be prepared to offer your content ideas up for brand usage,” suggests Matthew Stradiotto, Co-founder, Matchstick, “today brands want to ‘co-create’ content with publishers. Think about how your content could live brand-side, and not JUST on your blog!”

Don’t be discouraged if a brand turns down your amazing idea; it may not fit within their budget or business objectives.

Have you co-created any content with a brand, or blogger on behalf of a brand? What did you create and how was the experience?

*Based on a blog post originally appearing at Food Bloggers of Canada.

Image credit: Eden Spodek

Matthew Stradiotto
Matthew Stradiotto

Thanks for raising this topic again Eden! Will look forward to the follow up.

Eden Spodek
Eden Spodek

You're welcome, Matthew and thanks for sharing your tip. Coincidentally, I this week I was invited to be part of a co-created event. I'm trying to decide if it's the right fit.

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